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That you need huge gardens and big terrace to have the plants that you like, while you can do the vertical gardening or in simple terms plants on wall.

Here are a list of ideas and tips to decorate your wall, whether it may be outdoor or indoor, the concept remains the same.

There are lots of wall hangings available out there, were you can purchase one and put a plant in it and hang it on the wall.

Designer wall : You can have your own wall art, by creating a vertical garden shelf in a designed way, where you can grow your plants.

Wall planters : There are several wall hangings which are readily available in shops, if you are anywhere in Chennai  you can try at Harith Tharangs.

Soda bottles : You can recycle soda bottles for planting

Individual cloth packets: You can convert or stitch any old cloth into wall hanging planter.

If you are anywhere in Chennai Harith Tharang is one of the best place to visit and know more about the plants and pots that one can hang on any type of walls.

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