Vertical Garden Plants

Living through the searing heat and crowds of Chennai, one often longs for a little greenery in our everyday life. Unfortunately, the hectic life of most Chennaites makes going a park a luxury. Neither do city-dwellers have the time and space to cultivate beautiful gardens of their own. At such times, vertical garden plants offer an easy and apt solution to our greenery woes. Liked by everyone for their eye-catching beauty, vertical garden solution Chennai is a great way to bring some greenery into small spaces and create fuss-free, beautiful vertical green structures that create warmth, privacy and sophistication. No wonder then, that more and more people are looking Vertical garden suppliers Chennai . If you are also considering getting a vertical garden for your home or office, read on.

What is Vertical Gardening?

To answer this question simply, any garden that grows upwards instead of horizontally on the ground is called a vertical garden. Vertical gardens have been around for a long time and have many different names: living wall, green wall, bio wall. The earliest types of vertical green wall gardens were trellises with creepers or ‘ivy walls’. These ‘walls’ were basically structures (often wooden) created upon which creepers and other climbers would support themselves as they grew. Today’s vertical gardens plants Chennai are very different and consist of modern horticultural techniques and architectural ideas that enable one to create an entire modular wall of plants. These walls can be of different types, and provide a complete garden solution – taking care of planting, watering and in some cases – even temperature maintenance requirements of plants. Read on to know more about bio wall gardening Chennai.

Advantages of Vertical Gardens

A natural or artificial vertical garden has many advantages over a traditional garden or potted plants.

  1. Space: This is the biggest advantage a vertical garden offers. Vertical green wall gardens use up far lesser floor space than conventional gardens, or even potted plants. What’s more – they can be customized to any size – from 10ft walls to a picture frame wide. Vertical garden panels are available in any size required and can be custom-installed to fit.
  2. Aesthetic Value: No one can deny the appeal of a vertical green wall. It looks lush and adds a brilliant pop of colour to any room. A green wall maintained by a professional vertical gardening company in Chennai can significantly uplift the ambience of a room, making it look more sophisticated, luxurious and welcoming. Moreover, it can be colour-coordinated to match your décor too!
  3. Ease of Maintenance: Modern garden walls are self-maintained and have irrigation and drainage systems in place to help with watering. Once set up, they do not need regular upkeep, except for trimming if needed. They are also a lot less messy than regular gardens. Most importantly – most of the gardening can be done standing upright, which makes it a lot more convenient!
  4. Environmental Benefits: Indoor vertical gardens can refresh air, absorb harmful gases or toxins from air and in offices, have been shown to improve productivity, creativity and focus. On exterior walls they offer protection from sun and rain, providing insulation from heat and cold, bringing down cost of air conditioning.
  5. Interior and Architectural Usage: From an interior and design point of view, green walls can be used to create privacy and separate areas without making a space look smaller.   

Types of Vertical Gardens

There are many different types of vertical gardens. As mentioned before – the ivy wall or ‘green façade used to be the most common type – where a climber growing on ground is encouraged to climb along a wall or upright structure. Modern vertical bio walls however are more sophisticated. They are usually made of pre-vegetated panels, vertical modules or planted blankets. These are fixed to a vertical structure – which is usually made of steel, plastic, polyestrene or synthetic fabric. The most common types of such ‘living green walls’ are Modular green walls and Vegetated Mat Wall.

Depending on your convenience, requirement, budget and space a vertical gardening company in Chennai can suggest an option that is best suited to you.

How are vertical gardens installed?

There are many vertical garden suppliers Chennai who will install and maintain your vertical bio wall for you. Installation of a green wall takes into consideration many aspects such as:

  • Size of the wall
  • Location
  • Climate ad exposure to natural elements (air & sunlight)
  • Type of plants to be used
  • Growing media
  • Irrigation and Delivery of other Nutrients
  • Water-proofing
  • Components of vertical wall assembly

While the structure can be readily purchased and installed in a day by anyone – creating a beautiful living green wall requires much expertise. Not all types of plants are suited to walls and only a professional vertical gardening company in Chennai can help you will creating a wall that appears lush and beautiful all year round in our city’s harsh weather. What types of plants to use, how they will grow, how to care for them, when to prune, how to keep them healthy – all these aspects need to be carefully considered and addressed for a beautiful vertical green wall.

Where are vertical gardens suited?

Vertical gardens can be installed indoors and outdoors – as long as suitable plants are picked and correct irrigation and nutrient delivery systems are installed. Indoors vertical gardens can be used in:

Apartments – as accent walls or show walls in important rooms

Offices – to add a pop of colour and some life to a dry area

Restaurants – to separate areas and create a warm and inviting ambience

Shopping Malls – as window dressing or to create interesting ‘selfie points’

Airport Lounges or Waiting Rooms – Specific plants that help purify air can be used in spaces that see a lot of people

Schools – to teach students the basics of gardening and develop a love for nature

Outdoor vertical gardens can be installed on exterior walls of houses and buildings, in parks, gardens or even along bus shelters and footpaths to beautify, protect and add greenery to an area.

Benefits of Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens offer many health benefits in a small package and space. In offices where many employees are crammed together all day, in large areas where creating real walls and privacy is an issue, in city apartments where easy access to a private garden is impossible – in all these situations vertical gardens offer a great solution and many benefits. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider having a bio wall:

It is great for your health: Having plants in a closed space significantly improves air quality, thus making you healthier and more focused on your work

It looks beautiful: Instead of spending thousands on interiors, a garden wall is a much cheaper alternative to beautifying an indoor space

It can help create rooms and privacy: Indoor vertical gardens can create an illusion of privacy, helping you play around with space

It affords protection: When installed on external walls, it protects walls from damage and maintains their integrity

It provides an excellent alternative to organic gardening: Bio walls can be used to grow herbs, vegetables, flowers and fruits – helping you create your very own organic garden.

If you’re looking to create a garden wall for yourself in the city then finding the right vertical garden installation service Chennai is vital to ensure a beautiful and fuss-free green wall for your home or office. HarithTharang offers end-to-end vertical garden solution Chennai, keeping in mind the climate of the city and your needs. Call and speak to us today for a new, cost-effective and beautiful gardening solution!

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