Kitchen Garden

How to start Kitchen Gardening in Chennai?

Who doesn’t love good food? Relishing on the perfectly cooked vegetables blended with the robust flavor of herbs that explode in your mouth is pure heaven. What makes this feeling more blissful is when you have fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs to further enhance your dish. 

However, with the increase in the use of pesticides and other chemicals, the vegetables and fruits are laden with chemicals that are sold at high prices. It is during these times that one wishes to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs by themselves. But with the carpet area shrinking and the market price for apartments increasing, owning a garden is next to impossible. The trend of kitchen gardening is hitting the cities nation-wide, and in a world filled with technology, this little period of physical labor is refreshing.

The concept of kitchen gardening is gaining popularity since it is affordable and doesn’t need a huge plot of land to grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits. From balconies to window sills, it can be used to grow a fresh stock of groceries that enhances your food, making it tastier. Depending on the area available, you can plant varieties of plants available that you can grow in your kitchen garden.

If you’re looking to transform your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle, the cheapest and easiest way is by growing your kitchen garden. Kitchen garden offers immeasurable advantages:

  • You have the chance to eat healthy, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are higher in nutrients.
  • Gardening helps in relaxing the mind, body, and releasing tension that comes with the routine of everyday life.
  • Getting your children to help you with gardening will not only be a teaching lesson but will also give you some quality time to spend with them.
  • Growing your groceries are cost-efficient since you will save a lot of money at the grocery store.
  • Kitchen gardens add on to the interiors and are aesthetically pleasing.

Kitchen gardening is one of the best ways to form healthy habits, save money, and relax. There are many gardeners and landscapers across the city that provide help you in growing your kitchen garden and provide regular maintaining services that make it easier to handle your kitchen garden. So get some seeds and start potting. Happy planting! 

1) How do i start kitchen gardening?

A) Prepare soil by loosening soil continuously for three days, add manure and let it sit for two days before sowing seeds.

2) Best plants for kitchen garden in chennai

A) tomato, brinjal, chilli, spinach, varieties grow well in chennai.

3) Importance of kitchen garden

A) Considering the importance of vegetables, to produce our own vegetable requirements in our backyards using the available fresh water as well as the kitchen concept has emerged.

This will only facilitate successful production of our own requirement of vegetables.

Cultivation in a small area facilitates the methods of controlling pests and diseases through the removal of affected parts and non-use of chemicals.

This is a safe practice, which does not cause toxic residues of pesticides in the vegetables produced. 

4) kitchen garden care

*Feed the soil and the soil feeds the plants. Healthy soil promotes healthy plants that are  more capable of resisting insect and disease problems. Feed the soil with plenty of compost and well-aged manure.

*Take out your dead. Get rid of rotting or dead vegetation such as leaves, pulled weeds and  plant stalks. Dying vegetable matter can be a haven for pests.

*When heat strikes, provide shade to your plants to keep them from wilting. 

*Pick, pick pick. Harvest vegetables as soon as they are ripe and remove harvested plants.

*It’s never too early to start. After you’ve harvested your plants and cleared the debris  from your garden, leave the soil bare for a few days and then cultivate in order to prepare  for next year’s garden.

5) plants for a small kitchen garden

A) spinach varieties and corriander

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