A Bond That Grows

HarithTharang has grown from humble beginnings from a mere counter displaying "Gift-A-Plant" offerings to a retail shop offering many innovative products to consumers.

HarithTharang has very unique theme for all its products, the theme is a mix of being ecologically friendly, innovative and elegant. The products cover a wide variety of natural materials including, coconut tree derivatives, bamboo derivatives, recycled home goods, recycled plastics and other such natural or recyclable materials. The shop also provides services in developing house gardens, terrace gardens, balcony gardens, kitchen gardens, terrariums and professional maintenance of gardens.

Apart from using ingenuity in use of materials and their application, HarithTharang has also devised unique programs to reach out to its consumers across age groups, for instance it conducts regular programs to invite and include youngsters, some as tender as 6 year olds to have excursions inside the shop and also allow them to carry out potting, watering and tending to plants, so that these children may have the "Green Touch" from atender age.

HarithTharang was founded in August 2010 by Mrs.Rashmi Sunil and Mrs.NirmalaSudhakar. The partners bring with them a refreshing blend of experience and business gumption. Mrs.Sudhakar is a veteran in the field of Landscaping and Horticulture, while Mrs. Sunil developed the retail idea of "Gift-A-Plant" which started the business.

Over the years the shop has grown from a counter to a basement shop to a road facing outlet, fully air-conditioned and staffed with qualified personnel.

HarithTharang today is a well-known retail shop catering to consumers looking for innovation and elegance in their quest for staying close to nature while remaining friendly with the environment.


What started as a tiny GIFT A PLANT counter in 2010 has now grown into a reputed Gardening Company in Chennai with products and services ranging from small indoor plants to large landscape gardens.

Here’s how it all started:

HarithTharang, was founded by Mrs. Rashmi Sunil, who moved from the green land of Kerala to Chennai after marriage. 🍃 Concerned about the lack of sustainable sensitivity among the general population, she started a small initiative where people were encouraged to gift each other plants instead of other things on special occasions.

This, she felt, was an innovative gifting idea that would make long lasting memories as well as support the initiative to promote a greener way of life.

Slowly, as friends and relatives started appreciating the idea and encouraged her to do more, HarithTharang ventured into building small gardens and balcony gardens.

However, Rashmi’s determination to move towards a greener, cleaner and more environment friendly lifestyle helped her go beyond boundaries in this field.

With a lot of hard work, dedication and with the support of well-wishers, HarithTharang became a go-to for garden building, water features, vertical garden walls, terrace gardens, factory gardens and gardens for large institutions.

HT, as it steps into the next decade, will continue to strive for innovative products and services- while retaining the founder’s motto of ecological sustainability, in the fabulous city of Chennai!

 Our founder Mrs. Rashmi Sunil awarded The Best Women Entrepreneur by the rotary club chennai on account of women's day 2021.


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