Gift a plant concept from Harith Tharang presents you with a wide varieties of fully customizable plants from Indoors to outdoors, flowering to foliage, creepers to trees and exotic, rare and beautiful plants.

Foliage / Flowering

We have an unlimited stock of Regular plants, and can get exotic and rare varieties too. Send us an enquiry if you don't find any plants in the listing and we would do our best for you.


With unlimited imagination, we can create a tasteful exquisite design be it your lawn or balcony or even terrace. You have the place we have the design for you.

Balcony Garden

Let’s think of this as balcony makeovers, lets assume that you have small balcony where you can only put a couple of chairs and a tea table. Here we give you suggestions where you can put in some plants that grow in sunlight and dust and pollution and be an ornamental plant too.


Balcony Garden is a perfect choice for those whose is having an idea of creating a cute garden in their Balcony. Get pretty plants and start your balcony makeover today. Also, let's convert your dull looking and boring kitchen to a beautiful area with elegant plants that not only gives a visual treat but a place where you can grow your own food. You can convert your vacant terrace space too into beautiful lush lawns where you can enjoy with your privacy of your own place.


Relax! We will take care of your gardens to feast your eyes! Our resource, plan and execution will maintain your place and keep them lush green. You can also opt for one-time maintenance that will have varied services from fertilizing to pruning.


Daily basis for events/functions With easy rental options and less maintenance, we provide you with exotic plants be it indoors or outdoors. With quick and flexible options that you can customize the rentals that you want. For more send us an enquiry and we would get back to you within 24 Hours.