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 When you think of a place that is peaceful, beautiful and relaxing – the first thing that immediately comes to mind is nature. Being close to nature has a soothing and healing effect on the mind and body that few other things can provide. For city-dwellers, this effect is hard to find or replicate in our concrete jungles. Yet, one cannot deny the refreshing feeling of walking on damp lawn grass, or playing with children in a park or a simply sitting and watching birds in a garden. In a city, a beautiful, well-maintained garden is a haven for urban residents, providing a much-needed respite from stress, pollution and the fast paced city life. These beautiful gardens that help us recover from a hard day’s work are possible in a city thanks to a garden landscaping service like HarithTharang that designs, develops and maintains beautiful gardens including bio wall or vertical wall gardens, balcony gardens, kitchen gardens, herbal gardens and more.

What is Garden Landscaping

Garden Landscaping Services help create a beautiful garden out of a vacant or unutilized piece of land. Garden landscaping is a vast discipline and overlaps with architecture, design, gardening, horticulture, geography, civil engineering, electrical engineering, botany as well as civil works and construction. Many garden landscapers are architects themselves, or work closely with them and other professionals to create stunning gardens. 

Difference between gardening and garden landscaping

The main difference between gardening and garden landscaping is that where gardening mainly deals with plants – how and where to plant them and how to nurture and maintain them – garden landscaping includes constructing an entire garden. As such, it entails a large amount of planning and construction work – particularly if it’s a large area or if a specific theme is to be created for it.

The other big difference is size. Whereas gardening can be practiced on a small balcony or terrace, landscaping services are performed on larger pieces of land.

The term ‘landscaping’ itself includes the word ‘land’ and this brings us to the final point of distinction between gardening and garden landscaping. While gardening also requires a good understanding and ability to work with different types of soil, landscapers understand and work with the topography, orientation, groundwater, terrain and geography of land. For instance, when you hire garden landscaping from HarithTharang we work extensively with and on the land you have to transform it completely, paying attention to every factor that affects it.

Benefits of Garden Landscaping

It’s a common misconception that garden landscaping is only for large corporate offices, or 5-star hotels and resorts. Whether it’s a small backyard or a vast ground – if you own a piece of vacant land – you should certainly consider garden landscaping for your property. Here’s why

1. Aesthetic Appeal

No doubt, the foremost reason for having a landscaped garden is because it is beautiful to look at, and there’s nothing more appealing than being in the presence of natural beauty. While gardens themselves are beautiful, landscaped gardens portray a whole different dimension of beauty. Garden landscaping uses a lot of different aesthetic elements – lights, leveling, fountains, stones and rocks, furniture, and more to create a unique and attractive place that wows everyone – from guests to clients or employees.

2. Property Appreciation

There’s no denying that the better your property looks, the higher its value on the market. What better way to drive up the price of your bungalow or villa than with a lovely garden, created with professional landscaping services? Adding a visual outdoor element like a garden immediately lets you command a premium for your property. If you intend to sell your home in the future, you will most certainly recover more than your expenditure on the garden landscaping service. Moreover, a well-maintained lawn or a minimalist garden makes an indelible impression on clients about your business.

3. Numerous health benefits

Better mood, lower stress, fewer respiratory problems, more energy – these are just a few of the benefits of having a garden. In our brick and mortar cities, people are constantly compromising their health for money. If you have access to land, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to create something that will benefit you and your family? Similarly, your employees will also benefit greatly from having a garden or a landscaped area where they can relax or rejuvenate during breaks. Simply having plants in an office can boost employee productivity by 15%! Imagine what an entire garden could do!

4. Gift to Others

A beautiful garden is something that can be enjoyed by everyone who sees it or spends time in it. Carefully designed land, lovingly planted saplings and memorable time spent in a garden can become cherished moments for later. The garden you create will be enjoyed by your family, your employees or simply anyone who visits it long after you are gone. A well-made garden benefits society at large and can become your legacy.

Garden Landscaping FAQs

How much do landscaping services cost?

This completely depends on the size of the garden and the complexity of the work involved. If you have a large area and want a fancy garden it is going to cost more. A simple garden will cost less, but at HarithTharang we can ensure it look splendid nonetheless. Garden landscaping from HArithTharang is customized to suit all sizes, demands and budgets.

What about garden and landscape care? Who will maintain my garden?

If maintenance is an issue, we can create a garden such that it will be easy to maintain and look beautiful all year round. For more ornate gardens however, we will highly recommend our professional maintenance services to keep your garden looking brand new and fresh!

I like growing my own vegetables. Can I continue that in my landscape garden?

Absolutely! If required we can create a small vegetable patch for you where you can continue your urban farming interests, without compromising on the look of your garden. In fact, we think it adds a beautiful rustic touch!

What permissions are needed if we want to create a garden outside our office premises?

If your landscape design calls for significant land changes, then it is best to get requisite approvals from the local municipal office. Other than this, all outdoor gardens in commercial or public spaces will require clearances for their water and electricity usages.

I already have a garden with many old trees.  Can landscape gardening be done without clearing them?

While it is best to start with completely clear land for landscaping, we can certainly accommodate your favourite trees and plants in the new design, and work around them without causing any harm.

Hiring Professional Landscapers

At HarithTharang Chennai we are professional landscapers with many years of experience, having created beautiful gardens from scratch for large corporates as well as cozy homes. Whether it is you’re your office or home, we are equipped with the best to give you a wonderful natural habitat that is exactly as per your requirements. Don’t let your dream of spending time in nature’s lap remain just a wish. Contact us today to see what can be done!

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