The Origins of Valentine's Day: A Celebration of Love Through the Ages Valentine's Day, a day adorned with hearts, flowers, and sentiments of love, has a history rooted in centuries-old traditions. It's a day celebrated globally as a symbol of affection and appreciation for loved ones. But beyond the romantic gestures and sweet exchanges, Valentine's Day holds a deeper significance—one that extends to all forms of love, including the bond we share with nature.The origins of Valentine's Day can be traced...
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February the 14th is a day that brings a smile to our face. One immediately conjures up a picture of red roses and heart shaped candies. These celebrations have come a long way and has evolved since its earliest avatar. It is interesting to note that in its earliest form it was a Pagan rite which celebrated the coming of spring. It included the pairing of young men and women through lottery. With the advent of Christianity this popular festival...
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