Greetings from Harith tharang ,


Some people love to be surrounded by green view. If you want to have similar experience even in your constrained balcony , This plant stand of leaning ladder works perfectly for you.


  1. This standing planter helps you to display flowers, herbs, and greenery, either indoors or outdoors without using much floor space. 


  1. This plantstand ideas can not only increase your indoor planting  space , but also enhance the beauty of your home.


  1. This plant stand has three levels of space. Each space can fit three medium size houseplants or at least six beautiful small size plants.
  2. This wooden plant stand is simple to make even for beginners. Great for displaying indoor plants elegantly. These plant stands are shaped like tower or table to provide your houseplants a nice resting area.
  3. These beautiful stands are readily available at our store.( custom made)

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