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Let’s go eco friendly this Ganesha Chathurthi. India is a land of festivals and now that the festival season has kick started and Ganesha Chathurthi is round the corner, lets get an idea of how to celebrate eco friendly Ganesha Chathurthi. Ganesha made of POP and clays are the regular ones. The other natural Ganesha’s are made of bamboo, coconut, coconut shell, palm leaf, dharba grass , paper mashed….. Once the festival is over we have the tradition of immersing Ganesha in the nearby lakes or rivers, POP once immersed gives out toxic chemicals like sulphur, phosphorus and magnesium which pollutes the water and kills the fish population and thereby disturbing the Eco system. Let’s contribute our share towards preserving our nature by making a beginning, by going for all naturally made idols. Let’s inspire our fellow beings towards pollution free tomorrow!!! We at Harith Tharang are here to support you by presenting you with wide ranges of naturally made Lord Ganesha Idols …Coconut-shell Ganesha, Vetiver Ganesha, Coconut Ganesha, (our specialty Tree Ganesha) – Come visit our showroom for more @ 42, Bazulla Road, T.Nagar, Chennai , # 9841937297