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Vertical Wall gardens,
How to beautify a plain white wall?
Vertical garden is one of the most intuitive way to cover the plain walls.
Vertical gardening is an innovative, effortless, and highly productive growing system that uses bottom-up and top-down supports for a wide variety of plants in both small and large garden spaces.
Vertical gardens help you:
• Maximize Limited Space: Increase growing space especially when it is at a premium in a very tiny area.
• Grow a Privacy Screen: Screen or disguise unwanted views (like boxy air conditioners and unattractive garden structures like sheds or compost bays), nosy neighbors and create more privacy.
• Increase Accessibility: Plants are easier to reach – makes fertilizing, watering, pruning and harvesting much more convenient and saves your back.
• Nurture Healthier Plants: Getting plants up and off the ground improves air circulation = healthier plants and less pest & disease problems. It also minimizes damage due to pets or wild animals digging up gardens on the ground.
• Enhance Visual Appeal: Improve the beauty of your garden and increase ‘curb appeal’ by adding character, variety, structure and color. Create ‘eye candy’ by planting at eye level with vertical garden structures like hanging baskets and window boxes.
• Grow More Plants: Expand the number and kind of plants you can grow in your garden. Some vegetables like pumpkins that grow on vines and take up a lot of personal space, can be trained to grow up and over a trellis in a very compact space.
• Reduce the Impact of an Urban Environment: Soften hard or stark building and landscape surfaces by camouflaging with living green walls and other vertical design features.
• Define a Space: Create an entrance, backdrop or framework; define boundaries and edges; and provide a sense of enclosure or seclusion.
• Improve Air Quality and your Health: Research has revealed that plants improve both indoor and outdoor air quality by removing harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and absorbing pollutants. Houses have been found to have consistently poorer air quality indoors than out, even with external pollution. So growing plants vertically even in compact spaces like windowsills, balconies, front entrances and hanging in aerial space will make a BIG difference to your health.
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