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If you like to grow strange and unusual plants in your garden, then staghorn fern can be one of the ideal options. Otherwise known as elkhorn fern, this plant got its name from the unusual shape of its leaves. The fronds (compound leaves of a fern) of this fern have the shape of stag antlers. There are around 18 species of staghorn ferns, and they belong to the genus Platycerium in the family Polypodiaceae. In their native habitat, these ferns grow as epiphytes. In other words, they are not parasitic, but grow on other plants and trees, and derive nutrients from the air and rain.Staghorn ferns are found to grow on tree trunks and rocks. They attach themselves to the host tree with the help of their roots. They have two types of fronds; basal and foliar. The basal leaves are often found to be round or kidney-shaped, and are sterile.Foliar fronds are also called fertile fronds, and they are erect or pendant. The undersides of the foliar fronds produce brownish reproductive structures, which are called sporangia. They produce spores which in turn germinate to new plants.Watering is done by dipping the root ball and the bark in water, for around 15 minutes, during spring and fall. During winters, the duration must be reduced to a few minutes.temperatures below 55° F are not good for this plant, try to maintain higher temperatures. A temperature setting of 65° F or above, is found to be best for staghorns.In short, growing staghorn ferns is not a difficult task, but you must know the right methods. So, contact HARITH THARANG and get these beautiful creature for yourself.

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