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Since the plastic ban enforced in Maharashtra, people across India have spend hours debating on the advantages and disadvantages of plastic even as we sit on plastic chairs and carry plastic bags. The sad truth is that plastic is an invention we cannot survive without, and yet, it is also slowly killing us.

Every plastic article we use is another addition to the heap of damage we have already dealt to life on Earth. What was once a boon is now a menace, and we need to act now to avoid further damage. Here are a few simple ways in which we can reduce environment damage from our plastic usage:

  1. Use glass, wood, metal, clay or cloth as an alternative to plastic wherever possible. Glass bottles, wooden furniture, clay pots, metal bowls - we used these before plastic was discovered, and we can use them again!

  2. Recycle existing plastic as far as possible. Reuse your plastic covers instead of using a fresh one each time. Throw plastic waste only in plastic bins.

  3. Avoid plastic bags. Carry foldable cloth bags in your purse. Get your today at Harith Tharang!

These simple tips are all it takes to drastically reduce your plastic usage and impact on the environment. Let’s all work together to build a greener tomorrow, which can be made even greener with our wide range of plants, pots, gardening tools, and other materials.

Say hello to green living!