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Though this plant looks much like a miniature bamboo, strictly speaking it is not – it is a type of grass. It has small and fine bright green leaves and grows in a tight clump with a bushy habit. This easy growing grass will look very elegant for a container plant. It can be grown in full sun to part shade, though it must be kept constantly moist. It makes a very good potted plant or hedge around rock gardens and is especially good around ponds where it gets plenty of water. The green stems and leaves will form a small clump resembling that of a delicate miniature bamboo and hence the name Bamboo Grass. It is ideal for oriental looking arrangements. It is also known as Baby Panda Bamboo.  Visit Harith Tharang located at 42, Bazullah Rd, T.Nagar Chennai 600017. Call us on 9841937297 | 04465275990
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