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1) Succulents are beautiful, varied and reliable, and can be planted in rock gardens, rustic salvaged containers, topiary crafts and so much more.  the textures are endlessly fascinating and intriguing. Making unique and unusual planters to display them (they have such shallow root systems they don’t require deep containers) makes the best interior decor. This makes them ideal, and fun, to plant in designer pots, DIY pots , thrift store finds and other rustic containers.

2) It’s easy to have more plants by propagating them; the Sedum from cuttings, and the Sempervivum varieties from their chicks. They can create a colony in a few seasons, most of these succulents make many babies, the gift that keeps on coming your way.

3) They cover the ground quickly, with deep (but non invasive) root systems. This holds the soil in your garden, instead of washing away with rain storms.

4) We all love to share our plants with similarly addicted gardeners. A new inductee to the succulent obsession is fun to see; they want all the different types they can get their hands on. Sharing succulents varieties is always fun. It also helps to widen your collection.

5) The textures and different species and varieties of many genera can be an enthralling hobby for collectors, and joyous to closely inspect for everyone else, experienced gardener and novice alike. The sheer diversity is astonishing. You will spend hours inspecting these  plants, marveling at their colors, which can change rapidly over the growing season. Seeing how lush and jewel like, each type with its own texture is so interesting. Not only are these great plants for gardeners, they also calm everyone around and gives you a sense of pleasant atmosphere.

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Harith Tharang is a decade old plant boutique that aims to spread love, positivity & greenery by means of the nature's gift - plants  ; sells a variety of indoor , outdoor, medicinal, biowall plants , plant medicines,  gardening tool, green gifts and so on.  The shop also provides services in developing house gardens, terrace gardens, balcony gardens, kitchen gardens, terrariums and professional maintenance of gardens. The retail store located at 42, Bazullah Road, T.Nagar, Ch-600017,  has a very unique theme of being ecologically friendly, innovative and elegant & offers many innovative products to consumers. It is a one stop, go-to store for all garden lovers. Call 9600120351 to know more details!

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