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Brand Description:
From a modest counter display to a lavish retail store, Harith Tharang through its ten
years of flourishing service paves the way for a green future. Being the forerunner of
the Green Revolution in the city, the garden boutique strives to provoke a gardener in
The lush garden store located at the heart of Chennai envisions a sustainable world
through its unique bio walls, landscaping services, and innovative products.

Brand Name:
Harith Tharang translates to ‘Green Wave’ in Sanskrit. Through the plant boutique, the
shop persuades to kindle a green wave across the world and provoke a gardener in


Harith Tharang logo is characterized by its iconic green leaf
and its vibrant colors.
The prominent design element- the leaf is inspired by the
Monstera / Swiss Cheese Plant, known for its evergreen and
glossy green leaves. The huge perforated leaf symbolizes the
strength of trees that thrives through all adverse conditions.
The pink veins running through the leaf represent the wave
of greenery that the garden shop strives to create across


The brand colors are strategically chosen as
Turbo - a vivid yellow shade, Foglia - a darker
green shade, Killarney - a lighter green shade,
and Amaranth - a reddish-rose color.
The striking yellow stands as a symbol of
prosperity that Harith Tharang brings to its
communities. The fusion of green colors
epitomizes the spirit of tranquility and greenery.

We at Harith Tharang are Proud to present our new logo to you. Hope you like it as much as we do.
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