Known in different languages by a variety of names, Golu is perhaps one of India’s most unique regional festivals. Families across the south-Indian states celebrate ‘the toy festival’ by displaying various dolls and figurines on many tiers, usually in odd numbers.

The dolls, which depict Indian mythology, adorn south-Indian households over the nine nights of Navratri, and invite Kolu (literally Divine Presence in Tamil) of our goddesses Saraswati, Parvati, and Laxmi. Friends and family members go to each other’s houses to ‘see the golu’, whereupon they are received with prasad, kungummum (a holy powder), and perhaps a small bag of gifts.
Golu has for long had a connection with the agricultural community of India.
Harith Tharang is a group of landscape designers and architects from Chennai which strives to make eco-friendly products and gifts for festive seasons. Using hand-made products we arrange every items to match the buyer’s requirements, and have a range of eco-friendly Golu Stands made od wood and bamboo to match everyones taste. Also in store are a variety of cute little plants that can serve the purpose of return gifts for navarathri.