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A moss pole is the best way to grow climbing and creeper plants. Moss poles serve as the support system for the plants for most of the indoor variety. They're naturally plants that grow on other plants so attaching them to a moss pole mimics their preferred environment.

In case of creepers, which produce roots all across their stem length, moss stick is a substitute for soil. If you plant is in a pot and not free to capture the ground, moss stick is used to vertically train your plant to give nutrition to its auxiliary roots.

 Environmental benefits of moss gardening

  • No poisons or pollution. Many gardeners and landscapers rely on fertilizers, but as a moss-gardener, you will need no soil supplements to encourage growth.
  • Water conservation.
  • Erosion control and flood mitigation.
  • Filtration
  • Carbon sequestration.(Sphagnumpeatlands soak up vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the air, far exceeding the rate of carbon sequestration by all rain forests combined)


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