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Monsoon Care for Plants

Monsoon undoubtedly is the best season for gardening. Its time to grow new plants and reap rich harvest from those already growing. We love it as the need to water the plants is reduced. But like all good things monsoon comes with their own set of challenges.

There are some thumb rules that needs to be followed during the monsoon to keep the plants healthy.

Water plants on need basis. Excess water leads to rotting of roots. How to take a call whether plants need to be watered? Just stick your finger in the soil. If it feels dry water the plants. If the soil is moist avoid watering.

Make sure the drain hole in the pots are not clogged. Clogged holes lead to water stagnation. This in turn affects the plant adversely. Similarly in a terrace garden one needs to make sure there is no water logging as it becomes breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Plants need to be pruned during the monsoon. The heavy winds break the branches and damage the plant. They also need to be pruned to make space for new branches that grow quickly during monsoons.

Just as plants grow rapidly during monsoon so do the weeds. Weeds grow rapidly and it is essential to remove them. Weeds when not removed may take in the nutrients meant for the plants.

As humidity during this season is high it is advisable to take care of the ventilation and light. The amount of sunlight is greatly reduced and hence it is important to place plants in well ventilated areas which receive sunlight.

Heavy downpour damages the plants. They need special protection. Perforated sheets are best for this purpose. Plants when covered with perforated sheets are protected by heavy downpour and these sheets help in retaining moisture too.

Come rains and they bring with them an army of insects and pests. Most of them are harmful to the plants and need to be removed. One little creature among them is, though, very useful. The earthworm is a Gardner’s’ friend as it aerates the soil and allow for the percolation of water.

Walking on wet soil is not a very good idea during the monsoon. The soil, when we walk on it, gets packed and the oxygen gets squeezed out. It is therefore important to remember not to walk on wet soil in the garden

Excess water especially during the monsoon results in the growth of algae. These algae steal the nutrients from the soil that is meant for the plant. This is the reason why they need to be removed immediately.

Some delicate plants need extra external support. With the onset of monsoon there are gusts of heavy wind that break plants or cause them to stoop. It is a good practice to provide external support in the form of a stick or a wooden structure.

With these tips you are ready to protect your PLANTS and sit back and inhale the petrichor- the sweetest perfume of Nature.

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