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Setting up an Interesting Garden

Multi-platform stands that can help set-up a small garden in urban homes that have less space for a garden. It is super chic, aesthetic, easy to assemble and long lasting in quality.

Design :The  plant pot stands incorporates a high- low layer design with six platforms. The wooden rib style platform construction has been primarily done to keep the whole product light in weight without compromising on the strength.

High Quality Wood: This is a natural wood stand made of Fir wood. It is easy to care and easy to clean. It is light unlike a metal stand of the same size.

Durable Construction: The stand adopts a durable construction. Its frames and platforms are sturdy and it can hold small to medium sized pots with ease. The flower pots can be kept comfortably on the large surface, not letting anything fall down from the shelf. The finishing is smooth without any raised edges or surface material. . Besides, thanks to the wood structure, they have a strong loading capacity. It can meet your different needs

SIMPLE AND BEAUTIFUL OUTLOOK: Combining the class color of white and minimalist design, this plant stand can always match your home decoration well. Painted to a perfect  finish, they have smooth surface making it easy to wipe clean.

Multifunctional Plant Rack: These new racks  can not only be used for plants, but also used to store handbags, books, decorations  or as a bathroom rack to keep laundry, towels and other stuffs. It will not only blend with your home interior but also have a good utility.

Outdoor Garden Stand: The stand can withstand any weather condition. Place it outside in the balcony, gardens or terrace. It is suitable for a long-term daily use.

So what are you waiting for? Step up on your garden game. Grab the best designs now. Call 9600120351

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