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The beginning of a new year is a good time to look back on the year before and find ways to be better. One good thing about gardening is that the fact of doing the same thing consistently over time means you get a lot of practice and opportunity to learn what works.Gardening is a lot like life.

Go ahead and try something new. Maybe it’s that recipe you saw in a magazine last month but you just haven’t had time to make it. Pick up the ingredients and make it tonight! Or maybe there’s a subject you’ve always wanted to learn more about. Research it at the library, watch some YouTube videos, or find a free or low-cost class in the area.

What makes you unhappy? Is it something you have the power to change? If so, take steps to get rid of that unwelcome weed in your life before it grows larger and takes over everything else. May be its your weight, start walking! Maybe you've been thinking to switch to a better job, get your resume ready.

We all have unpleasant tasks in life that we don’t enjoy doing but we know we have to take care of. We keep putting it off, but it desperately needed to be done. Most importantly,once we complete, we feel a sense of accomplishment in getting it done and doing it well. This concept works for just about anything you have to do but don’t want to do — scheduling that dentist appointment, getting the oil changed in the car, doing your taxes, even asking your boss for a raise. Just do it, and the sense of accomplishment alone will make you feel better.

Just like the veggies and flowers in our garden, the good things in our lives need care and attention to keep them thriving. Reconnect with your loved ones. Gather your favorite friends together for an afternoon of catching up. Pamper yourself with activities you truly love, like an at-home spa day, uninterrupted reading time, window-shopping all by yourself, or a Netflix marathon.

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