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The ever growing kitchen garden trend is hitting cities across the country with an increasing intensity. If you think that kitchen gardens are only meant for big houses with a large rear-end area, think again. Setting up little farms in pots and tending to them may seem an uphill task for a novice, but it's easy to have green fingers. All your greens need is proper attention, little maintenance and adequate care to get the desired result. There are many herbs and vegetables that can be easily grown in small and large-sized pots to add a little variety to your small garden. A list of such plants that you can easily make a part of your organic farming.

Kitchen garden is becoming affordable and you don’t need a huge plot of land to grow your own fruits and vegetables. You can use your balconies and even your window sills if you want to wake up to some cherry tomatoes smiling at you. For some kitchen garden is more than just a hobby. There are serious kitchen gardeners who don’t want to stock up on high priced chemical laden fruits and vegetables. To have these fresh delights right from your own green patch can give you a sense of achievement as you are taking care of the health of your whole family.

We at Harith Tharang have all the essentials in the best quality that you will need to build your kitchen garden under one roof.  At our shop we have a variety of seeds of fruits and vegetables like onions, tomatoes, lady’s finger, ash guard, rich guard, chilies, pumpkins, drumstick, brinjal, spinaches , beans, turnip, beetroot, muskmelon, sapota and much more. We also have grow bags , mud pots and plastic pots to grow these in. That’s not it, we also cater to your need for ready to use potting soil for your kitchen garden. Apart from this we also have gardening tools, water sprayers, manures and pesticides to care for your kitchen garden. Wait, the best of all this is, our staff who are also horticulturists, are available at the store to guide you through this kitchen gardening process. You may also call us at 9600120351 to get advice.




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