Varadha Cyclone


During December 2016 Chennai was devastated by the Varadha Cyclone, a tropical storm slammed into India’s southeastern coast with monstrous ferocity, uprooting trees and power cables, toppling vehicles and damaging houses besides dumping heavy rain across two states. More than a 1 Lac trees uprooted due to the ferocious winds. To recollect, last summer in Chennai was one of the hottest across south India, the trees that we had during that time saved us by providing shade and protecting the environment through releasing oxygen. But now we don’t have enough trees to save us from the unbearable heat.

Here we are going to look at trees that grow faster and with more branches to provide shade apart from turning carbon dioxide to oxygen.

The list of trees are :

Gulmohar : one of the common trees that is said to provide more shade and its beautiful when it flowers.

Gulmohar Plants

Tamarind: this edible fruit tree is planted on the road sides, they provide pleanty of shade and edible fruit which is used in cooking.

Image result for tamarind tree leaves

Rain Tree : These tropical trees gorw to a height of 20 feet in under 5 years with good maintenance, since their leaves are big and fleshy they provide more greenery and more shade.

Image result for rain tree flowers

Peltophorum: These ornamental trees grow faster and have oval shaped overlaping leaves that provide dense shade, these trees are very favourite in tropical regions of South India.

Image result for Peltophorum

Neem Tree: Apart from providing medicinal purpose neem is also one of the fast and most widely cultivated tree. The flowers are edible and seeds and fruits provide excelent medicinal purpose.

Image result for neem tree fruit


Here at Harith Tharang we have these plant saplings that grow fast and provide shades, we also have different types of trees other than this. Plant one of these and you will be amazed to find out how much useful these trees are.  Visit us @ 42, Bazullah Rd, T.Nagar 9841937297 | 04465275990

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