Savvy home gardeners know that house plants add beauty and value to the indoors, but they might not know about the economical benefits of indoor plants. One such benefit is reduced energy costs. Although it's well-known that outdoor plants help conserve energy by keeping a house warm or cool, many don't know that indoor plants can have the same – albeit lesser – effect.

They increase Humidity
Outdoor plants keep a house cooler in warm weather by shading it. In fact, one young, healthy tree will cool a building as much as 10 room-size air conditioners. House plants also have quite such a dramatic effect, they help so much in keep cooling and heating costs down by adding humidity to the room.
The best house plants are those that will grow even if somewhat neglected. English ivy (Hedera helix) is one such plant, and it also cleans the air.
The spider plant, with its attractive, slender leaves, is a favorite with many indoor gardeners for its baby plants, which dangle like spiders from long, thin stems and it is very attractive indoors in a hanging basket and will clean the air just like English ivy. Keeping Peace lily and Areca palms will clean the toxins and also reduce the temperatures that are soaring.
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