Grow your food!

A simple way to grow your own food is Kitchen Gardening, lets take your boring, dull looking kitchen into something that looks like a beautiful place where you grow your own food.

There are several ways to grow your own food.

1.Choose what to grow

Tomatoes, herbs, greens etc can be grown indoors without much sunlight needed. The plants that you choose is what you like personally and depends on your taste and how much room you are willing to sacrifice for the plants. If you have a book shelf you can grow it full of lettuce, choose a good place where you are close by so that you can use all oxygen that is being exhaled.peasprouts

  1. Choose how to grow

You can use small pots or containers that are used less or lying waste in the backyard, and make a Diy pot. Fill with soil and put the seeds to grow. The seeds of leafy greens and spinach are good for the beginners and are healthy supplement for you.  Tomatoes are good and should be stalked in order for the fruit to ripen.


  1. Choose where to grow

A window sill, or that part of kitchen wall that gets the sunlight, though plants can be grown indoors, they need ample bright light like sunlight for photosynthesis so they can stay healthy. The greens can be placed totally indoors even under incandescent light. They also help in cleansing the air and purifying the air that surround you.



There is nothing known as perfection in growing plants, the more you get experienced the more you tend to follow organic and indoor gardening. The best method is to start with the Indoor gardening and bring the outside to inside.



If you are anywhere in Chennai, do visit Harith-Tharang, T.nagar that has some of the exotic balcony plants, planters, and Kitchen garden accessories that are available at their one of a kind plant boutique available in the city.

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