Many people with limited space or who like quick accessibility keep a small herb or kitchen garden in their window. Specialized windows, called kitchen garden windows or just garden windows, are available to facilitate this and give more space to the kitchen gardener.

These windows are small bay windows (also called kitchen greenhouse windows) that maximize both shelf space for plants and light coming in. They are not required for kitchen garden growing, but are popular because of their benefits.

Growing herbs and kitchen plants in the window of the kitchen has been popular for a very long time. Many home kitchens as far back as the Victorian Era would have small pots of herbs or a garden box just outside the window, making for easy reach and clip access to things needed for the pot or pan.

Today, kitchen garden windows are grown for that very same reason: quick access to fresh, healthy and useful herbs and vegetables.

Whether you have a kitchen greenhouse window or not, you can grow many useful things there. Many kitchen windows include herbs, spices, sprouts, small salad plants, and even small vegetable varieties.

To grow your own garden in a window, all you need is the space to do it and a simple plan. First, think about the location of the window. Is it south-facing? How much sunlight does it get? Most windows that are not on the north side of the house should be capable of at least six hours of sunlight daily.
Considering the space you have, think about your cooking style and what types of herbs you tend to use most often. Most successful kitchen window gardens begin with herbs. Growing three or four or even half a dozen herbs in the window is a good start on your kitchen garden. If you have a lot of kitchen window space, then you can add other plants such as cherry tomatoes, sprout growers, and more.

Next you’ll need to plant, organize, and care for those plants. Be sure to label the pots you’re growing the plants in so that you can easily identify what you need when the time comes for a quick cutting. Also be sure to know the details of your plant choices so you can harvest, replant, etc. Nothing is worse than ruining a good dish with herbs that have outgrown their flavor.
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