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Yet another day to celebrate, yet another reason to celebrate, VALENTINES DAY.

Valentines day has been existing since around the late 1700’s in America and Rome.

People exchange goodies that they hold close to their memories on this day to display their love to one another. Abundant amount of candies, greeting cards, flowers, love and romance take the center stage on this day of the month.

Every year, we at HARITH THARANG, make sure to get you a step ahead in your green pledge, bringing to you innovative ways to connect with mother nature.

Love is in the air, they say,.. this year along with immense love, HARITH THARANG brings to you Hoya heart plants in heart pots. This Valentine’s Day, show your love by gifting a heart that grows forever, just like your love for them!  Limited stock only. 

Harith Tharang is a decade old plant boutique that aims to spread love, positivity & greenery by means of the nature's gift - plants  ; sells a variety of indoor , outdoor, medicinal, biowall plants , plant medicines,  gardening tool, green gifts and so on.  The shop also provides services in developing house gardens, terrace gardens, balcony gardens, kitchen gardens, terrariums and professional maintenance of gardens. The retail store located at 42, Bazullah Road, T.Nagar, Ch-600017,  has a very unique theme of being ecologically friendly, innovative and elegant & offers many innovative products to consumers. It is a one stop, go-to store for all garden lovers. Call 9600120351 to know more details!

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