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Commemorating the nation’s independence from British rule, India will celebrate its 74th Independence Day this year, but with a slight twist. Owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there will be no social gatherings, instead, all states and government offices have been asked to webcast their events and celebrations.


Even the gathering at the Red Fort, where the flag is hoisted every Independence Day, will be limited. In lieu of the precautions taken, there will not be any grand performances with the military bands either. Ideally, the citizens across the country sing and dance on patriotic songs, hoist the tricolour flag and enthusiastically recite poems remembering the sacrifices of India’s freedom fighters.

Independence Day is a reminder of the sacrifices of our valiant freedom fighters who stood up against the colonisers and even suffered harsh consequences unflinchingly, so that the later generations could breathe in free air. Slaving for 200 years and claiming back our country makes us marvel at the great leaders.


On August 15, 1947, the first Prime Minister of Independent India Jawaharlal Nehru unveiled India’s tricolour flag at the Red Fort in Delhi. This practice continues till date as along with the flag hoisting, the Prime Minister delivers a speech from the historic monument.


A national parade by different battalions of the Indian Army bands follows. However, the Defence Ministry recently stated that due to widespread Covid-19 pandemic, the military bands are preparing their shows in advance. These are likely to be telecast on Independence Day instead of a live performance.


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