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While it may be the most wonderful time of the year, celebrating Christmas has a huge impact on the planet. With greeting cards, plastic decorations and unwanted gifts all generating a huge amount of landfill waste, the real cost of a Merry Christmas can be devastating for the environment. In the UK an estimated 6 million Christmas trees are sent to landfill every year, equalling approximately 9,000 tonnes of extra waste. Each tree sent to landfill has a carbon footprint of around 16kg and costs the local authority around £2.32 in fees, wasting money that could be injected back into the community. Don't get worried up, we've got you covered.
Get a natural Christmas tree.
HARITH THARANG brings to you natural christmas trees in all sizes. We have made it our goal to make this christmas nothing short of excellent and hence have an option of decorated christmas trees also on sale just for you. Worry not, for we have got the decor part also covered. Yes! our showroom is all filled with the christmas flower - POINSETTIA-christmas magic, POINSETTIA-white, and POINSETTIA-red. Come visit our store to get a glimpse of the large christmas collection that we've got and avail exciting offers.
Buying a potted tree with roots lets you grow it outside and use it again next year, reducing its environmental impact and costing you less. One acre of growing trees can produce enough oxygen every day for 16 people. Unlike plastic artificial versions, a real tree can also be easily recycled in an eco-friendly way: either chip it and compost it, or take it to your local Christmas tree recycling centre. While artificial trees may last longer than living varieties, there's currently no way for them to recycled in an environmentally friendly way. This means that, even if you re-use your tree for a number of years, it will still eventually end up in a landfill.
So head straight to HARITH THARANG, grab your natural christmas tree and celebrate a guilt free christmas.

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