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What do you call a Glass Garden?

Answer: Terrarium

Chennai people are left out of space to grow anything of their wish as they are dwelling in their apartments.

The best alternate option is Balcony Gardening or Terrarium, Balcony Garden needs a little maintenance but talking about terrariums, no it doesn’t.

Lets get to see what we need

A container, there are many containers specifically sold for the purpose of Terrariums, we can also use any type of clear glass type of container so it looks better.

Pea Gravel, these are small stones or pebbles which are in the aquariums or even found in pet stores, and you can also use charcoal as it contains the entire soar odor.

Potting mix, or soil, it is very important to choose a high quality soil, also you need t o make sure that the soil remains a little humid and have sunlight pouring on it.

Plants, be selective on the types of plants that you choose for terrariums, there are lots of plants that are not fit to be inside a terrarium and might look ugly by the time you decide to dismantle it.

A terrarium is a miniature world, or a world contained in a container which is mostly transparent. It has its own mini eco system, the water vapor which evaporates from the plants condenses and trickles down into the soil and watering it again in this way the amount of water lost through evaporation is controlled.

When setting up the Glass container, you need to have a right amount of soil and sunlight and humidity mixture, and should not over water as it might destroy the plant.

There are several types of plants that can be kept inside the terrarium, if you are anywhere near Chennai, you can come and take a look the setup in Harith Tharang T.Nagar, which has excellent and beautiful  Terrariums showcased.

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