As we continue to squeeze into crunched city spaces and our balconies, that once bloomed with beautiful flowers, having become even smaller, urban farmers and gardeners are finding newer ways to keep green patches alive. Below are a few tips that will help you set up and get growing with your terrace garden. Read ahead folks.

Any space is a good space to make it into a green space. Yes you heard us right. The little corner of terrace that u have can also give you a good green and soothing effect.

Put the ample sun light on your building head to a good use. Fruits, Vegetables and flowers need a good sunny day to grow and ripe. You can grow and eat your own supplies. Saves big time on the pocket.

Start by water proofing your terrace floor. Add drain cells and gio-textile to the floor and you are good to start your garden above this. This set up helps preventing water from stagnating on the surface.

The best time to start a terrace garden is in January and July. This is so that the terrace floor and the new plants can get settled to the atmosphere before the rain showers start.

You can grow okra, tomatoes, cluster beans and all types of greens, among the faster growing varieties, which can be harvested from the fifth week or creepers like snake gourd, bitter gourd, flat beans etc. Flowering plants and herbs are a good option too as they also need good amount of sun on them.

Remember to take up pots and plants that are light in weight. When the soil is taking up weight, we have got to be keep it light on this factor. Materials like plastic, tin and fiber play the part perfectly.

Plan your garden in a way where one plant can benefit from the other in your garden. Herbal plants can be grown around vegetable plants to keep pests away. Spraying extracts from the herbal leaves on the plants stimulate the plants growth and yield. Use dried plant stems and leaves for mulching. Also place plants that need shade under tall plants rather than secluding it in a lonely spot.

The labour of green love requires daily watering and occasional spraying of pesticides. Water the plants in the evening as it give the soil longer moisture. A good green shade in summer and these plants will keep your heart with them.

PRO-TIP: To avoid wastage of water, use water-retentive coco pith instead of soil. It reduces the water use to the extent that even in hot summers, the plants will only need to be watered once a day.

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