DUST? POLLUTION? Does these cause breathing problems for you? Answer : Yes it does for everyone.

Here are a list of plants that gives out oxygen in turn for the toxins that are in the air and are great for indoors too.

A must plants that you should keep indoor for pure oxygen and good air.

These plants are often available only in the forest regions and coastal regions and jungles. If you ever realized that being near to plants that make you refreshing and revitalize is more important than everything because it contributes to most of the health in our body. The ratio of the oxygen molecules in the earth’s atmosphere has  decreased over the past decades and it is our responsibility to take care of our earth’s eco –system.


We can change the atmosphere by creating a small eco system in our home without any maintenance by just planting the following plants which gives more oxygen than the other plants comparably.

These are Oxygen producing plants,


If you are planning to grow your own food, sprouts are the best start, especially sweet peas, buckwheat sprouts and sunflower sprouts.  These plants will have a mini green house effect in your home itself, just place it on a balcony for better sunlight.  And as a extra supplement you would get more oxygen by eating raw plants.



The mother in law’s tongue most of the plants convert CO2 and give Oxygen during the daytime, but this species converts a lot of CO2 and release oxygen during the night making it an ideal plant to be kept beside the bed. Literally you could live with an Air sealed room with just 6 to 8 waist high plants for days without running out of oxygen forever.



This plant converts a lot of CO2 from the air and also cleans the air of xylene and toluene which are released by paints in the houses which makes it an idealistic plant to be kept indoors. More over it is so powerful in cleaning the dusts from the air that it needs to wiped of the dust regularly making it like a air filter.

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These are air cleaning plants


This air cleaning plant removes benzene, xylene and toluene from the air. And more over it does not need much maintenance like the other plants and is also a purely indoor plant as it does not tolerate sunlight  but can survive in brightly lit indoors in the shade. It is susceptible to be damaged in over watering than frequent watering.




This plant is one of the most famous household plants that are natural to the Mediterranean regions and temperate regions.  It cleans the air from all chemicals that are released from the paint fumes and are a great indoor plant.



This indoor only plant needs much less maintenance and less watering as opposed to other plants, just water the plant only once a week and it can keep cleaning the air for its lifetime, and also gives you a beautiful flower periodically.


If you want to detoxify your body, the best way to do it is through having plants around you as our human body does the detox through the breathing as much as 80% than other methods such as perspiration and urination and bowels.

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