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Harith Tharang wishes everyone an ECO-FRIENDLY DIWALI ,we proudly present a first of its kind in Tamil Nadu. The gift combo comprises of Handmade sweet boxes, Seed Bombs and lovely hand painted table top potted plants. The surprise elements in the combo is the “Seed Bombs”. Let me explain about the Seed Bombs which burst happiness… throwing these SEED BOMBS into the soil or pot and which in turn breaks open the BOMBS mixed with manure and fertilizer to provide nutrients for soil. This is a farming technique that has been used by farmers, agriculturist and conservationists across the globe as a means to grow plants and trees on their land. The objective of covering seeds with a layer of soil instead of broadcasting seeds in their natural state is only to allow the plant seeds to germinate without being predated upon by insects.We have found this technique to be the gentlest way to tend to the Earth. Each seed bomb contains Marigold seeds of yellow and orange tightly rolled with Red soil,manure and neem oil.


We are also presenting unique hand made sweet boxes which can be pre-booked for bulk orders. All of these combined with table top plants can be presented as a perfect gift.  Call us on 9841937297

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