Wood planter boxes are innovative methods of beautifying your house. Their portability and ease of movement make them an appropriate choice in case you do not have a lot of space for plants. You can also choose them for placing in balcony, porch and garden. The durability of wooden boxes is the most distinguishing feature to pick them.

There is a lot of variety available in the market and you can purchase different boxes based on your needs. Most people prefer wooden boxes with an natural wood texture. The most important factors that need to be considered are the size of the box, its style and the holes present for water drainage. You can purchase small sized boxes for smaller shrubs while bigger ones can be bought for plants that occupy more space.
Making use of planter boxes instead of cultivating the land provides you with more flexibility. You can use a distinct type of soil for each box. This will help you with the quicker and more efficient growth of plants. It helps the plants to grow individually in each box with enough capacity for their roots to spread.

The flexibility of wooden planter boxes is, it can be utilized under different weather conditions. During winters, you may need to move them quite often so they can get enough sunlight. Similarly, during hot weather, you may like to place them under a shade. Sometimes moving their place will lead to a more beautiful view of your home. All these facilities can be availed if your planter box is light weight.

The maintenance of plants growing in boxes is slightly different as compared to the ones that are planted in the garden. They may have different water and nutrient requirements as the soil in the box cannot hold water for as long. However, this extra care will give an extra amazing look to your house.

Homeowners have the option to get a hanging planter box, a bench box, an indoor box or a window planter box. These boxes occupy a smaller area and are used for a variety of purposes. The outdoor boxes are usually made up of long lasting wood such as redwood or teak. They offer more resistance against bad weather and remain in good condition for a longer time as compared to other woods.

Taking good care of these planter boxes means they can last longer than expected. Proper water drainage facility makes sure that the plants and boxes do not get affected.

Wooden planter boxes look real good if they are well maintained. The presence of cracks or edges is never appreciated. So these issues should be solved as soon as they arise. You can also color them easily to make them look more attractive.

It is hard to beat the natural beauty of wood planters, whether it’s on a small  balcony or expansive portico. A well-chosen planter in long-lasting teak or durable cedar will enhance any garden decor no matter how contemporary or sophisticated. Gone are the days of having only oak half-barrels or rough cedar boxes to chose from.

Painted wood planters can be a great way to complement the exterior of your home and create a unified garden design.

Plastic liners can extend the life of your wooden planters and planter boxes, or use them as ‘cache pots’ to hold potted plants and they will last longer. Another big advantage of wooden planters is that you can combine features like trellises and benches for an attractive and functional unit.

1.Provide great versatility for combining with other garden components such as seating, trellises or storage.
2.Redwood and cedar planters can be used without painting as they are resistant to rot.
3.Wood planters insulate plant roots from heat of the summer sun
wooden planters fall between plastic and clay in weight and porosity.

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Happy gardening folks!

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