Small spaces can also be made attractive with a crisp, contemporary look and strong landscaped lines. This can be achieved by creating interesting interlocking zones with distinctive materials like wood-stained decking, fences or decorative stones, which will help you to achieve a stylish look in even the smallest of gardens.
⦁ Vertical garden
For tiny apartment balcony garden ideas, consider installing a vertical garden to save space. Fixing a vertical garden system with drip irrigation makes this a low-maintenance option for a garden in the balcony. This serves as the best option in terms of space constrain as the garden is built on the wall. Your walls, balcony or staircase raillings and parking spaces can also be the ideal spot to have a vertical garden.
⦁ Small flower pots
1. For a small open spaces and balcony, instead of large planters that take up a lot of space, using tiny pots helps to grow more species. They can be arranged on a table or shelf.
2. An interesting way to create a privacy partition in the small areas and balcony garden is to grow creeper or vines along the wall or partition grill.
3. Growing plants of varied heights can bring an interesting look to a balcony garden, making it almost appear like a garden in the backyard.
4. Instead of terracotta pots or wooden balcony planters, placing shrubs or flowering plants in tall vase-like planters adds a sophisticated and modern look to the balcony.
5. When space is scarce, it’s a good idea to keep the floor uncluttered. Planters that can be hooked on to the balcony rail allow plants to be grown without taking up floor space.

There’s a lot more to the efficient design of the tiny terrace or balcony area to make it attractive and functional. That’s why we recommend consulting a professional landscape architect who can provide advice on the layout, style and ideal species for the area. This is especially essential when one is looking for small balcony garden ideas as it requires careful planning and design of the area so that all the essential elements can be incorporated without cluttering the area. Furthermore, for home owners with a busy lifestyle, who want to have a balcony garden in their home, but don’t have the time to maintaining it to look beautiful always, the professionals will have you covered. The advantage of consulting a professional is that they can help with everything from installing self-watering balcony planters to installing drip irrigation so that the daily chore of watering the plants with a hose is eliminated.

And if you are one among such, you are at the right space. Leave your gardens with us; in the hands of the people who know whats best for your dear plants and come back to relish in lush green beauty always. Also to make things much easier , you can now avail monthly garden maintenance service & relax back.
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