What comes to your mind when we talk about the children or the childhood?
The innocence, the mischiefs, the games, the fights or you just go and look in the mirror. What do you do? Do you miss being the little kid who could play, jump, sing out loud or dance in the rain??? Most of us do this. Most of us miss being a kid. This Children’s Day, let’s celebrate the long lost childhood. We think that we have grown up and now, there is no scope for the same old craziness. We start minding our actions and this slowly sneaks in our behaviour as the time passes. We suggest you to let yourself go off the edge this 14th. This might sound impractical, but it would bring back the liveliness in your soul which you left under the folds of time. Every year on the 14th of November, all of us recall the same day when we were given candies in the school, the extra curriculum activities, the games and hell lot of things which we now miss.This year, share it with us on facebook and tag us, may be with a nice photograph along and win a free plant from us! Bring out all your crazy old secrets and memories to the limelight.Call us at 9600120351 to know more. Also visit us at 42, bazullah road, t.nagar, ch-17 to collect the free plant.