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Balcony that GROWs.!!!!!

Are you in Chennai? And have a balcony? Yes! A BALCONY

You can convert them into something more beautiful than an empty space, there are several ideas to decorate your house, but , how about your balcony? How would you go about designing your balcony where you have abundance of sunlight and dust and pollution all around you in a place like Chennai?

Lets think of this as balcony makeovers, lets assume that you have small balcony where you can only put a couple of chairs and a tea table. Here we give you suggestions where you can put in some plants that grow in sunlight and dust and pollution and be an ornamental plant too.

Now a days having a big lawn and garden is highly impossible considering the reasons of the compact city structure. So converting a balcony or even small terraces or in fact any available space to a beautiful lush eco friendly green space. The beauty is considered to be in the eye of the beholder, similarly the concept and making your place more beautiful would be looking very attractive and more over you would also have raw oxygen which boosts your immune and health.

List of plants that are best for Balcony,

Money plant,Philodendron,Schefflera,Dracaena,Zamioculcas,Dieffenbachia

If you are anywhere in Chennai, do visit Harith-Tharang, T.nagar that has some of the exotic balcony plants, planters, and garden/balcony accessories that are available at their one of a kind garden boutique available in the city.

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