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Aromatic plants at Home

A nice smell often acts as a therapy, it can lift your mood almost immediately. Thus to achieve a perfect balance between your body and mind all you need is a nice smelling house

that will help you stay relaxed. Lets highlight a few plants that gives a big no for synthetic air freshners:


Gardenias is a plant that requires attention and maintenance but its worth it. Just remember that indoor gardenias shrubs needs good air circulation around it. Choose good soil and manure is as important as it has to be water retaining too. Indoors, Gardenias are not to be placed in direct sunlight, place it in a place where there is ample of indirect sunlight like a window sill or balcony.





There are more that one hundred varieties of lavender available, make sure that you place them in your bedroom window.Remember to cut of flowers so that it produces more.It acts as  a repellent too so keep the dead blossoms too as it keeps the scent. The aroma soothes your nerves and relaxes your lungs.lavender-leaves_medium


It can be a good house plant for beginners, people who are surprised to see this plant stretch to the skies will be surprised to find that the plant grows indoors too. Plant this in a large conical pot so that its roots grows and you can transplant it later in a ground. It requires well drained fertile soil, water it on regular basis. Place it in a sunny sheltered location to enjoy its distinctive smell.Lemon-Eucalyptus-Tree-450w


We all know that mint tastes great when cooked with chicken or fish, you can even add to salads or drink tea with it. Place the plant in a entrance  and a damp spot that it grows well, choose a container that has well drainage. Place the plant in a area with indirect sunlight.nana.png



Its known as a intensely fragrant smelly flower, not all jasmine has the same smell. Jasminum polyanthum is commonly preferred to indoors, this plant is fragrant while at night. The flowers and creepers adds a dramatic effect to your home. Jasmine needs sunlight but don’t need a direct sunlight to survive. Indoor jasmine has long lifespan if maintained properly.beyazyasemin1


Place the plant close to the seating area of our drawing room so that anyone walking by would be engulfed with the subtle fragrance . Geraniums are easy to grow and scented ones are no different. There are lots of varieties in our nursery for the colors and pots. For it to bloom place the plant in a place where it gets 4-6 hrs of sunlight. It acts as a medicinal purpose too.pac_Marena_10508_CMYK_Aniva


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